Posted by David

Roto-Bator – World’s First Rotating Vibrating Cordless Masturbator For Best Masturbation Ever

My, oh my! You know how some things are painful and pleasurable at the same time? Well that would probably be the best way to describe the sensations created by this unique looking masturbator – one of the greatest sex toys . It really shows the way how to get best masturbation ever. This sucker promises a rip-roarin’, rotating, vibrating jizz-inducing time.  I think it will be the best masturbation ever for you, too – if you will use this Roto-Bator – male rotating, vibrating cordless masturbator – Vibrating Vagina For Best Masturbation. For starters you get a very discreet box lined with satin where you will find what looks like a power screwdriver and two attachments nestled cozily in individual compartments. One attachment is a small disc covered with little nubs and the other is a tube lined with vertical fins and its own cluster of nubs. So I did what was suggested, I put in my 4 batteries and attached the tube. I then got my cock nice and wet and hard – for best masturbation ever! The feeling of the fins as the tube slid over my cock was nice but certainly not enough to get me off. Then I turned on the vibe and the whole thing changed. What really made it special was the rotation, when I turned that on I can honestly say it felt like nothing I have ever felt before. It also sounded like I was working in wood shop, this is one noisy tool! Noise aside, this thing felt pretty damned good. 

Roto-Bator doesn’t really simulate sex because no ass or mouth feels like this. Yes – it is Vibrating Vagina For Best Masturbation! Eventually I was pumping my cock with fervor in-and-out of this rotating, vibrating gizmo and when the tip of my cock was hitting the nubs hidden all the way up in the tube, I almost lost it. I did have to keep adding lube, lots of lube. When it begins to dry the sensation is a little painful. But with the right amount of lube this thing milked my cock and I spurted right into the tube. Then I couldn’t turn it off fast enough. All this sensation is way too much right after you cum. It was pretty easy to clean as you just have to rinse it out with soap and water. My cock on the other hand was possibly over stimulated and red as a beet but it felt awesome. The other teaser attachment didn’t do much for my nuts or my nipples. But a small word of advice is that if you use it on your balls, put some lube on it first or you will get your sac in a twist. So aside from the noise and the incredible amounts of lube you will need, this fucker felt awesome and I will definitely be using this on a regular basis.

This – Vibrating Vagina For Best Masturbation -is one of the best sex toy for men!

3 Reasons To Buy This Toy

  • It comes with a really nice box so it’s incredibly discreet.
  • The rotating and vibrating at the same time feels like nothing else.
  • All men love holding a power tool in their hands.