Love eggs, vibrating eggs, bullets, these are very small discreet sex toys (that can slightly vary in size) and they use pretty much the same motor mechanism that is found inside bigger sex toys, but without the big cumbersome penis shaped outer layer (which is great when home alone, but not so great when you want to use it outside, while shopping, or at work etc without being noticed).

You can use them on their own for clitoris stimulation or insertion, but can also be used with sleeves of all shapes and sizes. Sleeves can be found in a wide variety of shapes and textures to stir up all manners of sensations, and using and swapping between various different sleeves gives you great variety and more options for stimulation.

You can get all kinds of sleeves, including some strange ones shaped like animals. For example I own a remote control egg myself with a sleeve shaped like a butterfly with a huge penis (well, huge for a butterfly anyway). You can also find some classic style sleeves for them, molded in the style of a penis or finger etc, most of them are made from a rubber/jelly material and can be smooth or ribbed.

I’d recommend an egg or bullet vibrator for someone wanting to try out sex toys for the first time, as they are fairly cheap, compared to the more complex sex toys on the market and are ideal for experimentation, either on their own or with the various shaped sleeves that are readily available. They are also a great addition to anyone’s sex toy collection, with the vast range of sleeves and add ons you can buy to accompany your egg or bullet, you could literally have a new sensation every day of the week if you wanted to, or even a few different sensations a day if you’re a little greedy like me.

The beauty of vibrating eggs and bullets is their size, they can be kept in your handbag or pocket even and look pretty inconspicuous. They are less powerful than the bigger vibrators, but also a lot less noisy, which is great when you want to be discreet. Using them outside is great and can make even the dullest of tasks or journeys very enjoyable. I’ve used my remote egg before on several occasions while out and about, and the most memorable moment I’ve had with mine was having an orgasm on a busy bus whilst sitting next to a total stranger and having to bite my lip, and no one had any idea.

A great addition to anyone’s sex toy collection, I have two remote vibrating eggs and one bullet myself, and they can be used in all scenarios and situations, a very fun toy.

Have fun.