Paula was a college student attending a well known university in Florida. Every now and then she would attend the college parties. One night she was walking down frat row with some girlfriends and decided to go to one of the fraternity parties. To her surprises the fraternity was having a sex toy themed party. A sex Toy themed party consisted of nonetheless beer pong, keg stands, and a strange lady selling adult toys, with a pleasure chest.  Her friends were very open minded and talked her into going and staying.

While at the party, the sex toy party consultant was showing off various adult toys. This really intrigued Paula, because coming from a small town in Alabama she has never seen anything like this before. The toy consultant was showing off glass dildos, huge dildos and recommending first time vibrators. After a few drinks, the sex toy party consultant talked Paula intro trying a pair of the remote control vibrating panties on. Paula eagerly accepted the inviation because she felt relaxed and wanted to explore her body more. However, once Paula changed and tried them on she couldn’t turn them on. She asked the lady what had happened for maybe the vibrating panties were broken. The toy consultant said, “No , No these have a remote thats why their called remote control vibrating Panties!” A few seconds later Paula jumped and felt a tingling sensation between her legs. Come to find out her friends gave one of the guys the remote.

Now, her friends were really devilish because they took her regular panties and clothes too. Paula now is walking around the party with some guy turning on and off these panties. You can imaging thee stop and start and nonetheless the frsutration. Eventually Paula really like the feeling she was getting and said what the heck, let me just enoy this. It was really intense and was stimulating her immensly. Her body began to quiver and for her first time she was going to achieve an orgasm. What a place  and a way to achieve an orgasm for your very first time. The funny thing is that Paula is still one of my best friends and I’m actually the devilish girl who took her clothes and gave the remote to that guy. As weeks progressed after that remote control vibrating panites incident I learned I had helped Paula. I helped break the ice, because she started to date this guy. Who would know years later this eventually blossomed into a marriage. That guy is now her husband.