Lesbian sex toys are unique. There are tons of sex toys out there, but the lesbian sex toys are specially designed for a woman on both ends, whether she is the giver or the receiver of the toy. There are many categories of lesbian sex toys, and two of the most popular ones are dildos and vibrators.

Vibrators are the single most popular kinds of lesbian sex toys. These include g spot vibrators, strap on clitoral vibrators, traditional vibrators, and waterproof vibrators. The g spot vibrators are extremely popular because many women are unaware of how their g spot works. These vibrators help women experience the massaging techniques that can bring them to orgasm quickly from g spot stimulation.

The tips of these lesbian sex toys are various shapes, from flatter tips to more teardrop shaped tips. Many of the really great g spot vibrators are waterproof, so that you and your girl can have fun with them in pools, bathtubs, or showers. Many women enjoy a vibrator with multiple speeds for the vibration. This allows the sex toy to be accommodating and personalizable. Some of these lesbian sex toys even have a succession of increasing speeds to suit womens needs as she gets closer to orgasm. G spot vibrators should be phthalate free, and the most popular ones are those that are soft and flexible. Everyone appreciates lesbian sex toys that are quiet, too.
Other popular lesbian sex toys are the dildos. Dildos are classics because they are all about penetration. There is a wide variety of dildo sex toys, and they can be long, short, thick, slender, smooth, textured, and even double headed. A womans sexual pleasure is important when using a dildo, which is why they vary so much. No two women are alike.
Anal dildos are soft, flexible, and usually are very popular. There is such a wide variety of these lesbian sex toys. There are even some that attach to a shower with a hose! Anal dildos are made to keep their integrity with the use of anal lubricant, and any time anal masturbation or anal play happens, lube must be used.

Dildos for the vagina vary in style, ranging from excellent replicas of real penises to smooth, shafty, bullet shaped ones. The replicas of penises are sometimes molded after a famous porn stars shaft. They can be unnaturally colored or natural flesh colored. These lesbian sex toys vary in size from just a few inches long to more than a foot long, and the girths vary just as much, too.

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